Grade 5

British Columbia

A switch of plans!

Houses are great but not alive… they’re a domain for our grubby mits to be contained in! But for some reason half the people on here say “My home is alive.” Or something like that…but I think my home is a structure made to contain people, pets, and items mostly both. But maybe my home is alive! Probably not but if it did it would not like me or really anyone in my home…I do kinda get what they mean by “alive” I’ve had connections with inanimate objects but not too close…just like nostalgia like there was this big dirt mound in my backyard. It was big and fun to climb but eventually it was taken away and destroyed. I know sad! I still remember it clearly and that sorta applies to my home but nothing too BIG happened to my home yet… but still I gotta think about the homeless. They have no home and no food (mostly) but then you got people like Habitat for Humanity! These people build homes or renovates already sorta broken homes for practically free! It’s inspiring to see these people and now I think what can I do for my community? Such as picking up garbage or mowing peoples lawns! But I still haven’t did any of that yet but maybe I will! If they can do it I can too! This started as a satire but now I think we all can help and I hope the people who are reading this will help too!