Grade 4

Nova Scotia

A Sunny and Warm Home

My home is Egypt and I was born in a small city called Al Monofiya. when I was 1 year old mw and my family traveld to Saudi arabia. and I lived there for 5 or 6 years. my grand parnts lived in a near by city called Jeddah. we allways vist them. then we travled to Abu Dhabi. I lived there for 2 years. then I maked alot of freinds there even I got WhatsApp number and I still chat and call them till now! then we traveld to Egypt so my mom can see her mother. Then COVID-19 came and we had to stay there for the whole year.I made alot of friends there and I still chat with them on WhatsApp then I came to Canada, a safe place that I like so much then the winter came and I saw the snow falling from the sky, it was my frist time seeing snow falls from the sky and the kind people reminds me with the people in Egypt and the dogs and cats reminds me with my grandmother’s dog and cat, and I fell safe in Canada and in Canada the goverment is fair to every one and I like that.