Grade 4

British Columbia


You jingle the keys, to open the door
But that is not all, there is so much more.
My house is filled with love everywhere
And the sweet smell of food filling the air.
You empty your bag, clean up your shoes
You go up the stairs, and go see what’s new.
Once you’re upstairs, say hi to the cat
Make yourself comfortable, and lie on the mat.
Once you’re done, get out your homework, finish it up
And go ask what’s up.
A home should mean everything to you
It gives you good company and plenty to do.
You should be thankful and grateful, too.
You should love it, just like it loves you.
Treat your house nicely, with kindness and care
Treat its walls nicely, as if it’s the Mayor.
Your house gives you kindness, safety and care,
It gives you fresh water, and lots of fresh air.