Grade 5


A Special Place For Me

Home is where I’m meant to be.
No other place is right for me.
Safe is what I always feel
even when I eat a meal.
At home I like to play every single day.
It’s the best way to spend my day.
I love to splash in my pool.
It’s the right tool to keep me cool.
My family and I give each other love
and we’re lucky that we’re not doves.
My home is loud and crazy
but sometimes I am lazy.
At home I don’t feel locked in jail
and at home I get mail.
At home my family likes to snuggle
and it’s not cold when we cuddle.
At home I like to bake
a big giant cake.
Music is playing in my home.
and sometimes I’ll sing into my comb.
Home is where I get cozy to read, play games and sleep
and at home I have things I will always keep.
I come home and feel so happy.
and when I come home I don’t feel snappy.
At home I get support.
and at home I sometimes feel like building a fort.
My home is packed with joy
and my brothers and I have toys.
But no matter what the weather,
family is what holds everything together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!