Grade 6


A Special Place Called Home

Home is where the heart lies,
Always and everyday,
Its where our mothers calm our cries,
And our fathers help us pray.

Because we are all very blessed,
After all we have a home,
But some families are very stressed,
They aren’t as lucky, they’re stuck having to roam,

Yes, some families don’t have a home,
It’s very, very sad,
They’re stuck with no place to call their own,
Which is very, very bad,

But we can make a change,
Yes, we can help a lot,
There’s not much you must arrange,
Just some coins that you brought!

You can give your coins to Sagen,
Who will help others in need find a home,
In fact I did it, with the making of this poem!
They’ll use the money to find a house for those who roam,

All because of you! Which is great, is it not?
Because homes are very special,
And everyone deserves a special spot,
For it is very just and equal,

Because home is like a blanket,
It wraps us up and keeps us warm,
It’s where we have family banquets
And stay cozy while it storms

It’s where we bond and love,
And sleep soft and soundly,
It’s where we gaze at the night sky above,
And pray to God profoundly,

Home is a place of many joys,
A play where we can laugh,
So let’s help the poor girls and boys,
And do something on their behalf,

But thank you, thank you God,
For blessing me with a home,
And it may seem kind of odd,
But after making this poem,

I feel so amazingly blessed,
So now let’s try as one,
To help those who are stressed,
And make everyone have a home-
For we won’t stop until we’re done!