Grade 4


A Special Place Called Home

A home is a special place

Because it’s filled with love and grace

It’s not just a roof over our head

It’s not just a place to eat our bread

A home is where my family lives

It’s where I’m taught to share and give

A place to love, to trust and care

I know my family will always be there

A home is where I have no fear

Encouragements is what I’ll always hear

Though we’re not always a perfect tier

We’ll stick together near and dear

A home is where we all shine through

Our talents, gifts and silliness grew

Our home is filled with so much laughs

It really makes us want to dance.

But the most special place about our home

Is opening our doors to share our own

To those who are in so much in need

Co’z it’s better to give than to receive

I’ll never trade where I am

It’s always a place where I know I can

A family who’ll support my dreams

To me, this is what love and home means