Grade 4


a special place

A Special Place

By Jasper David

My home is a special place
Were I keep a smile on my face

My home keeps me warm
in a very harsh storm

My home is where I stay on every stormy day

My mom cooks
but not for looks

If a home could be a friend
for sure that would set a trend

The door on the house
might lead to a mouse

When I leap into bed
Love wraps around me and has not fled

My home is a safe for memories
With a lock so tight only can open it

Many people don’t have a house
I wonder how the feel
during winter temperatures they would likely freeze

Everyone deserves a house
Just like me and you
So they stay warm and safe and live a happy life

There are brighter lights than bulbs
Like kindness and love
It’s so bright
You can see it from the edge
Of the universe

Now you see
How great it can be
To have a place of your own.