Grade 6


A Special Place

Sometimes we feel as if we are the last thing the earth wants. As if we are drowning in our own despair, but we have home which embraces our problems. Going home is like entering Alice in Wonderland where everything isn’t perfect, but bizarre and quirky. Family can be one person, or even thirty. Home is filled with mistakes and acceptance in which negativity doesn’t exist. Sometimes atelophobia can take us over to where it leaves us the feeling of being a puppet but there’s always home that makes us feel worth something. It’s not just walls and a roof, it’s so much deeper. Home is a dream god offered us. We should be proud to have a family that support us nevertheless respect our mistakes because they know you’re not perfect, neither are they. It’s a place where there is no discrimination based on your disability, disorder, skin, religion or culture. Instead at home, there is an acceptance of our differences. No one has the right to be treated like garbage, not because they are nice, well because you are. It’s a place where you can express your opinion, and not be judged for. Home is the source of support, warmth, relief, security and encouragement. It’s filled with laughter in the air and respect from our mouths. It’s where smiles are born, and frowns are gone. Home is like a small world with different personalities; however, it’s a world where love is spread.