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Cote Saint Luc

A Special Place

A home could be many things. It does not just need to be a shelter. I personally think a home could be something different for everybody.
For some people a home could be their family or a country like for a homeless person they can’t afford a house. So for a homeless person a home would be his or her form of shelter or place of comfort. If I were a homeless person my “home” would be my pet or family if I have one or it would be a place that would wash away my worries from being homeless for the moments I’m there. But to make a home a home you need to feel as if you have a shield from all your dangers.
The word home could have a lot of meanings. For some people their own country could be their home because no matter how luxurious the hotel I’m staying in is it will never be my home. Whether I’m staying in a shack or a mansion, I will always long to be home. Like when soldiers are serving in other countries, they long to be home. And when they finally come home, even if their home is a shack, they will still be very happy just to be in the atmosphere that makes them rejoice and in the country that they call home.
A home and a house are different. A house is a shelter with things that help you survive and stay warm but a home doesn’t even need any of these things. My home could be the park if it makes me happy. Although people often refer to home as a house they are very different .Most of the time people call their house their home because that’s their home. I think that a home could also be your family because if you don’t have a family life could be lonely and sad. I bet you even the richest people in the world despite all the money they have would do anything for a family.
Your religion can also be your home. Having a religion is really important. In my opinion it is almost as important as a shelter. If you don’t have a home or family having a belief could heal you and make you forget about your loneliness and homelessness. Even if you’re so blessed to have a family and a house, having a religion adds color to your life.
Your home can be many things. It can be your religion, your family, or a country. But most of all, a home is any place that makes you feel comfortable.