Grade 4


A Special Place

A Special Place!
To me, home is a very special place because I’m free and can have fun! Home is also a very safe place. My home keeps me away from strangers and other types of predators. Home is a place where I’m confident and not shy. My home is a place where I belong. I feel loved in my home because my family helps me out if I’m hurt or when I study for school and need their help. In my home we can comfortable speak two different
languages. We speak Pashto and English. I know I can trust my family and friends with my secrets. I also love my home because I can stay there. My parents also make sure that I’m not always eating junk food and candy and they want me to be healthy. In my home there is a lot of happiness, laughter and kindness all at once! Lastly, I believe everyone should have a
home that is welcoming and full of love!