Grade 6


A Special Place

My home is a special place,
A place like no other,
A place where my hopes and dreams begin came come true,
Where love, and warmth is fluttering all around,
A place where help is always in reach,
Where everyone is appreciated no matter who they are,
A place with a lifetime supply of memories,
A place where stress can evaporate,
Where I can stretch until my back breaks,
A place where I learn my most valuable lessons,
Where support is never out of reach,
A place where there is shelter and safety,
Where family and friends come together and have fun,
A place where I can let out all my feelings inside me,
Where judgement doesn’t exist,
A place where you just get this amazing feeling,
It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you feel it,
An unimaginable feeling,
A feeling to be so blessed to have a home, to be at home.