Grade 4

Pourtugal Cove St Phillips
Newfoundland and Labrador

A Special Noun-Home-

A Special Noun -Home-

In pakastan,Masse and her family need a house. Masse and her family are struggling to not catch a dessiese from eating corn cernles off the ground. A young child from lndia walked by and said ‘’ You need a house,money,food,chelter and medical care,come come now.’’ The family didn’t need a house they needed a home,somewhere they could be loved and loved. lf Masse, her mom and sister Kianneya never found harmony disaster will strike.

The young boy was rich,he didn’t need his 1000$ he was saving for a pair of shoes. The boy said, “I’ll be back,’’ as he got his 1000$ rupies and returned to the streats and gave Kianneya the money. The six year old wasn’t educated and gave it to her mom the mom burst into tears and thanked the 4 year old and gave him her savings. In the young boys heart he knew he was doing good and accepted the 20$ he had reseaved was a pleasure and he bought Masse a teddy bear and said ‘’happy’’ Masse was exiteded as Jori the mom purshesed a house.

Masse had a green room and ‘’Happy’’ the bear had stayed on the streats.As much as Masse wanted to run back to the streats and pick him up .Happy had brought Masse and Kienneya so so much joy . Masse lied on the ground and throuhgt of the generosity the 4 year old had in his heart and since she was living her best life she had left him there for a nother homeless family. A poor boy named Janathon found happy and brought it to where he sat and said ’’Happy’’ ! A special bear lived centurys and has brought so many poeple joy homeless become home-full. The bear gave love,hope and restored many poeples faith in humanity janathon turned out to be a pakastanion boys brother who was treated terribly wrong. The boy gave janathon a card that said Habbitat for Humanity, janathon got a house and lived whith happy hapily ever after.

The End (: