Grade 6

Windsor ontario

A special home

Special Home

a home is a place you sleep at night
where you,re comfy in your bed
and your tucked in tight

you cry
you laugh
your siblings make you mad
the mistakes they make you start to break
when everyone is sleeping and your still awake
you think to yourself what a beautiful day
you let your emotions out even when you want to shout
you slam your door
and block everybody out
you go to the kitchen to get a drink
and you think of all the memories you made
you turn on the fireplace to keep you warm
while your snuggled up in your blankets
in the comfort of your home

the ups
the downs
you turn around
and your stomach starts to ache
a home is where you feel safe
no matter what comes your way
your family supports you
no matter what you do
and the decisions you chose
(even tho sometimes can be rough)
in that home is a whole bunch of love