Grade 6


A Special Home

Home is something very special. It’s like each day is a new level. Every day I learn so much more, and I find more things about my home that I adore! Things like the front entrance, where it’s welcoming and warm, or in the kitchen where I smell delicious foods and my tummy starts to roar. Things like my room where I can take a break from all the noise, or the basement where recall memories with old toys.
There are Important people like my mom, dad, and my brothers, but there are also things that make my home like no other! No other home has as much bonding time with your families and no other home has as good cooking as my mom’s specialties. No other home has a family that works so good together as a team and no other home has a child as grateful as me.
I am so grateful for everything I have in my home. When I’m inside it, I never feel alone. All of my great memories rush back to me when I’m mad and suddenly, I’m not even sad. I start to smile and maybe laugh, and that’s why my home is as special as that.
Even though i might not always show it, I love my home and all that’s in it. I love how it is so special with the memories that make me giggle. I love how it’s like no other; how it has my mom, dad, and my brothers. I love how when I’m inside my home, I never feel alone. If you didn’t see it from the start, I hope you see how special my home is, and i never want to move and restart.