Grade 6


A Shoebox to Heaven

Home means something different to everyone. My home at one day old became an orphanage in Vietnam. My birthmother brought me there to find a home and family who would be able to care for me. Upon arrival, it was determined that no beds were left so a shoebox became my first bed. Eventually too small, my shoebox became a shared hammock. My home was always noisy with other babies and children, also, hoping to find forever homes and families.

Luckily for me, at 7 months old, my Mom and Grandma arrived to bring me to my new forever home and family! My new home was a world away in Canada. In my new home, I found myself sleeping in my very own crib in my very own room in my very own family home! It was peaceful and I had my own “space”.

At 11, I truly know what home means to me! A home is a very special place where we create new memories and laughter fills the rooms. Home is inclusive and brings different people together. Home is not just a building. Home is a place where you feel comforted, safe and loved. I’ve grown to appreciate these things.

I sometimes wonder where I’d be today without my home and family. Why should anyone have to worry about that? When I see homeless people on the street, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have my own bed, my own room, and a roof over my head. Everyone deserves a nice home to sleep in and feel safe and for those who have always been so fortunate, perhaps, they should wonder what kind of world we live in when so many others find themselves living with anything less.