Grade 4

British Columbia

A Secure feeling…

If everyone had a home, the world would be a better place. A home is a place that you can rely on. It’s a feeling, a secure feeling. A home is a part of you. We’ve all heard ‘’A home is where the heart is’’–but it’s more. You love your home, you always will–it’s where your family is. Whether you’re a mother, a father, sister or brother, grandma or grandpa, we all deserve a home. When I get home from school, as soon as I walk in the room I am greeted by a familiar (how do I explain this?) feeling. This feeling comes from being with my family, and walking inside my house. To describe the feeling, well that’s tricky, but I’ll do my best. It’s a mixture between safety, feeling wanted and appreciated, comfy, cared for, loved, and SO much more. You might have a house, but do you have a home? SO MANY people don’t realize that a home is more than a building.

It’s the people inside the structure that make a house a home. It’s your goldfish,
cat, or dog that make a house a home. Sometimes you don’t notice that a home is a feeling. The feeling makes me happy. It makes me feel secure. Like a hug. I love that feeling. My mom gives it to me, my dad gives it to me, my sister gives it to me, same with my brother. My feeling is different from yours, but in a way the same. Many people have this feeling, but sadly,some don’t. A home is a place where you make memories. A home is a secure feeling.