Grade 6

Grande Prairie

A safe place I call Home

Home is a place where I can stay
Where I can have fun everyday.
A place to spend time with friends and family
A place where I can make good memories.

Home is where I can live and stay,
home is where I feel safe.
It’s a place where I am very happy
people that live there is my family

I know everyone doesn’t have a safe place to stay,
they have to stay on the streets everyday.
They really have nowhere to go,
but once they receive money from charity they will have a home

Home is where everyone needs to stay,
So they can stay there everyday.
Not everyone has a place to stay
They will have a home one day

I hope they will find that special home
so they feel like there not alone
Enter now to donate 10 dollars to charity,
they will have a home and that makes me happy