Grade 6

Grande Prairie

A Safe Place

Home is a safe place
Home is my family
Home is where I’m loved
Home is where I play
Home is where I stay

Home is where I do homework
Where I bake cakes
Play games
Color and paint

At home I celebrate
On the holidays
Like my birthday
Or new years day

Joy and laughter fill the air
Me and my sister braid are hair
Go ride are bikes to the park
Or sledding with are friends

Making memories
With friends and family
At home doing it with a smile
Playing games or watching tv

At home I help my parents
Like fixing an engine with my dad
potting plants with my mom
Or cleaning around the house with my sister

Home’s where I’m happy
Spending time with my family
Playing uno or monopoly

Im lucky to have a home
To have a family
To have food and clean water
Someone doesn’t have this
And that why I’m grateful to have a safe home