Grade 4


A Safe Place

Home is where you feel safe. A home doesn’t just have walls, it has love in it! My home is where I go if I’m sad or lonely. I love my home. It gives me shelter, warmth, and most of all, memories, great memories like the time I came home and saw my new dog sleeping on the table. Or the time I came home and my mom had invited my friends over without me knowing! I love my home and it loves me back! When I come home, I feel happy and warm. On the walls there aren’t just pictures, there are family pictures that I cherish! I don’t just have a kitchen, I have a place to have Dance Parties with my mom and dad! My living room is where my mom and dad and I have movie nights. We stay up all night watching new movies that have just come out. My bedroom is a place where I cuddle with my stuffies and my dog Duchess. I love my home so much and I thank you, Habitat for Humanity, for giving homes to everyone!