Yingshan and Lauren

Grade 4

British Columbia

A Safe Home For Me

A Safe Home For Me

Home is a place to feel safe
Its sweet, warm and kind
Smells like fresh air
And always has a place in my mind

I’m extremely grateful I have somewhere dry to stay
And a place where that I can rely on to keep me warm everyday
Some people don’t have a place to call home
And they have to deal with it all alone

A home like mine has happiness and love
And it’s wonderful all around and above
My house isn’t just some walls
Its where I’ve learned to grow and fall

My home to me is special and unique
And it helps to make my life complete
My home protects me from rain or snow
Home is a place where everyone should have and go

Home is somewhere you can stay
Home is a place to be happy everyday
A place where I’ve grown
A place to call home
Everybody deserves a home!

By: Yingshan Bai and Lauren Arndt