Grade 4


A Roof To Sleep Under

I have a roof to sleep under.
A house to plunder.
A nice cozy home.
A place to write a poem.
A place to make friends.
A place where harmony blends.
A place where you can have hot chocolate in a mug.
A place to be greeted with a smile and a hug.
A place to feel safe and snug.
A place to go.
To be safe from the hard cold snow.
A place to dream of what’s been said and shown.
That one day everybody would have a safe home.
We can give someone a strength for today and a hope for tomorrow.
To give them a home like a bunny in a borrow.
Maybe give a donation to Habitat for Humanity.
A place to learn about christianity!
How would you like no home?
A Life with no place to roam.
Sleeping would be awful .
Worries would be colossal!
So maybe give the homeless money today or help them in a different way. Humans need homes like me and you.
So maybe don’t act like you don’t have a clue.
Get them a home like your mom and dad !
Don’t make the homeless feel bad.
Get them a home that means a lot to me, a lot to you,
So make their dream of a house or a home come true.