Grade 6


A Road to a Home

How would I describe a home? Well, kind of as a place to just relax surrounded by whom I love. Where I can go and just get the weight off my chest. What a home should feel like, a healthy environment. That’s what my home feels like.

In my home I feel immune from any danger that may be lurking outside. As if there is an invisible shield outside of my house that protects me and all who lay in it. The shield will leave me unharmed, physically, and emotionally. All my un-enjoyable thoughts get blocked out and thrown away.

My home holds a lot of love. Many days, I feel swarmed with it. Others, not so much, but there is always a bit of love in my home that makes me happy. Even when I try to be sad in my home, I can’t bear the feeling. I think sometimes it is hard to maintain the love that’s in it, because like all homes we have lots of ups and downs, but we can always work it out again.

I believe that a home is not made up of a few walls, or things, but of the people inside it. Those who live in it, and even those friends who come to visit. My home feels like a home for those who walk through the door. The more people that my home holds, the homier it feels.