Grade 6

British Columbia

A Reminiscence of Home

When I wander back, from a tiring trek
This is where I rest
When I retire back, and I’m all a wreck
This is where I confess

A place full of memories
Of love, warmth and joy
A place, filled with forgotten reveries
From a childhood past

It is a view of delight
As I approach the open door
It beckons to me, the warmth and scent a welcome sight
The familiar scents and creaky floor

Memories of my childhood
Of kind parents and annoying siblings
Of somewhere where lightness stood
Cocooned deep within my mind

A reminiscence of light
A recollection of innocence
A remembrance of a life without fright
Are all held here

Because wherever I am
No matter the distance.
There’s a longing nothing can dam/
Of the place where it all began

As a child, my fondest memories were here
Memories of a life absent of darkness
This place was my puppeteer
Somewhere I was wholly dependent upon

It still is the one place
That will forever hold my trust, a silent vow
And nothing can make me forget my duty

It is the one place that can never be replaced
The one place that can never be stolen
It lingers in your heart, never to be erased
The safest place of them all

Because this is the place
Where my fondest memories reside
Where safety was a true embrace
This is my Home