Grade 6

Fort Saskatchewan

A Reason to Dance

I am privileged.
A statement that often pops into my head.
While I sit here at my desk writing this poem there are people alone,
on the streets without a house let alone a home.
A home is what they need but a home is what they long for
a house is just simply a roof and floor but a home,
a home is so much more.
It’s a place they can feel safe,
tell stories while gathered around the fireplace.
A place where they can make memories and dance.
Dance out of joy
Dance because instead of starving on the streets
They have a place to stay and a place to eat.
We must give people not only a house but a home.
Now, as I’m concluding this poem I have noticed one thing.
Home to me is everything to me.
What would I do without it?
I am so grateful to have a safe, loving home.
And everyone, everyone deserves a home.
No matter the background, wealth, or skin tone.
Everyone deserves to have a
Family and home.