Grade 5


A poem for home

For me home is everything.
From big rooms and flashing lights.
Home has coziness and comfort to like.
Home is full of family and all those to love.
Home has special memories from big family vacations to small fun photos.
Home has funny moments of hilarious laughing and hysterical giggling.
Home has lots to love like caring hugs or just helping each other out. Home is relaxed by being chill, calm, and patient.
Home has lots of yummy food from morning breakfast to dinner at night (even late-night snacks).
Home has the warmth that not everybody in the world has to cherish.
Home can be the sound of sometimes winning a game with family or losing with grace.
Home is the sound of safety that I have that not everyone has. Home can be very busy and loud but in an exciting and happy way.
Home is where someone can give me a gentle smile when I’m feeling blue.
I am grateful for my home because a home can give you shelter, delicious food every night, and a special place to enjoy time with family, friends, and pets too.
Always be grateful for what you have and what you don’t. Not everyone in this magnificent world has a place to call HOME!