Sigourney Hanh

Grade 4


A Poem About Home

A Poem About Home

This is a poem about my home that I hope you all enjoy.
Even pirates have a home on their ship where they yell, ahoy!
A home is special in every way.
It’s where we learn things everyday.
Home is special no matter what, even if it’s a glittery building or a cozy hut.

Home is…

A place where dreams soar and leap,
A roof over my head and a room my sister and I keep.
A place where I explore and play,
A place where I learn a little bit more everyday.
A place where emotions are allowed to be shown,
A place I can call my own.
A place where I jump and run,
A place that’s very, very, very fun.
A place that’s cozy and warm,
A place where memories swarm.
A place where we share and give,
A place where my family and I live.

And in my home where joyful feelings roam,
I write this in hope of doing a good deed by helping a family in need.

Home is a place where I receive comfort and care,
Even when I’m far away I know it’s always there.