Grade 6


A Place Worth Waking Up To

A home is where you go to sleep and where you wake up. A place that’s warm with the people you love. Feels nice, doesn’t it? It is until you wake up to a world not worth living in. All of that was just a dream. The cold streets is where you wake up. You want to pull your blanket over your head and imagine you’re warm and cozy on a soft comfortable couch.

This idea makes you happy. Horns of cars honking are the noises you hear instead of fire crackling in a fireplace. The kindness of people is the only way to earn. It’s a sad idea I know. But it’s the reality for many people in the world. Adults, kids, and animals too.

After all of that imagining you fall asleep knowing you’ll just wake up to the world of your demise. How about you, the reader, do you know what makes a home a home? It’s having people you count on and the things you love in one place. A warm place. Homes aren’t just storages and shelters. Homes are places worth waking up to.