Grade 5


A Place Where I Feel Safe

I wrote this to donate 10 dollars no matter if I win or lose.
At the end I want to hear the news to see who won, so here is the poem I wrote about my home.

My house is a place where I feel safe,
My room is a place where I have space.
It’s a place where I can be chased,
With my family’s loving face.

With my dogs we always play fetch,
And they always like to catch.
When were done we cuddle and snuggle,
While they wag their tail’s there all so happy.

My older brother’s handy and my younger brothers always sandy.
My younger sister is funny.
My mom and dad love us to the above.

When I go outside there is a place to swing and slide,
when we’re on the slide I give my younger brother a ride.

In the summer we are at the camper, and soon it will get much damper.
In the spring the birds would sing.
In the fall my dog will crawl under the leaves.
In the winter we sled then go to bed

I can’t imagine being alone with no home,
But all one can do is roam, and hopefully soon find a zone.
This is why I wrote my poem, to ensure people don’t have to roam.