Grade 4

West Kelowna
British Columbia

A Place We Call Home

Home, a place of comfort, full of love, crammed with joy. When you are at home there is no pressure to be perfect, so be yourself. Slowly, you trot into your remarkable home and quietly inside yourself say I am grateful to have this lovely house to stay in.

Everyone’s home has a different history and personality, my home’s personality is amusement. It always has something for me to be entertained by. Joyfully relaxing on the couch by the fireplace, I happily cuddle up with my family and friends. As soon as you stride into my wondrous home you will feel welcomed immediately.

Sometimes you feel scared but you know that your home is there to protect you forever. You will also be safe from all harm because of your house. One of the most important things is that you can trust your home to keep you safe and warm. That is how you know that this is a great house.

May you always remember that we are super lucky to have homes to keep us comfortable. Our homes are special and will keep us safe always.