Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

A place to miss

I like to say home is a place you miss.

I have a home
A place to miss.
A place to fall asleep by my fluffy dog.
A place to wake my dog with the squeaky door.
A place for my mom to say goodnight.
A place to feel safe on cold winter nights.
A place to fall and laugh about it.
A place to wake up to a crying dog.
A place to smell wet dog.
A place to miss.

Hitting my ankles on the rough wooden stairs.
Feeling the railing glaze on my skin.
Downstairs where we eat on Christmas eve.
Upstairs where we gather round the tree.

All through my heart sits memories of home.
I have a place to miss, some others don’t.
Everyone should have a safe and cozy home.
Everyone should have a place- to miss.