Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

A place to love

My car pulls into our driveway,
I walk to our front door.
I open our door,
I feel the stairs beneath my feet,
My dogs bark and I feel ten times safer.
I look at the familiar surroundings,
Our couch in front of our TV,
The door in our hallway.
My smelling senses come back.
I smell my dads bread,
My dogs bound up to me,
I pat thier smooth fur.
I walk slowly back downstairs.
I feel the doorknob in my hand.
I walk into my room,
The familiar creak of my door as I close it behind me.
I look around my room at all the stuff I have;
The paper snowflakes that have been hanging on my ceiling since Christmas,
My tall bunk bed, my desk, my dresser.
I go upstairs for supper
The smell of my mom’s delicious lasagna
I taste it on my tongue
As I eat I think
A home is a place to love,
Some people don’t have a home to love;
A bed to sink into at the end of a day;
A table to eat with family.
But I have a safe place
I want to help others have a safe place too.