Grade 5


A Place to Love

Why is home a place to love?
Why do I hear it is so nice?
Why so relaxing?
Why do I hear this more than twice?
Well home is the place where I am free.
And all the weight is lifted off of me.
A place to warm up on a freezing cold night.
Or a place to cool off on a hot summer day.
Because home is where I live and home is where I stay.
Home is where I regain my happiness.
And it is the bandage that heals all my sadness.
I sometimes hear that people don’t have homes.
But I don’t think that that’s always true.
Home doesn’t just mean a house or apartment,
Home really means a place to be,
And a place as beautiful as the sea.
A place to hold you from the dangers,
A place to protect you from the strangers.
Home is everywhere and everyone has a home.
And that is why home is a place to love.