Grade 6

British Columbia

A Place to Grow and So Much More

Security. Unity.
Safety and stability.
This is what home means to me.
A place of love and family.

Some people have a place to stay
but they struggle from day to day
to pay rent and utilities
be safe and buy necessities.

Struggles. Worries. Stress at school.
Home is where no one is cruel.
Love and laughter are the rule.
It’s the place where I can refuel.

We are challenged as a nation
to go into isolation
but many have no place to go
no shelter from the rain or snow.

Comfort. Food. A cozy bed.
Home is where I rest my head.
A place where kind words are said.
A refuge where warm arms are spread.

If everyone can play their part
to give those in need a fresh start
their future can be warm and bright,
safe and filled with joy and delight.

Plaster walls. A wooden floor.
Home is the place I adore.
Within strong walls I can soar.
A place to grow and so much more.

Habitat for Humanity
made something very clear to me
that many people have no home.
We must help those who are alone.