Grade 5

Portugal Cove - St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador

A Place to Feel

Home is a place to feel comfortable.
It’s a place to feel free and welcomed.
Waking up to the nice warmth of the woodstove already lit,
and the smell of sunday dinner being cooked.
Home is a place where I can feel like nothing can stop me.
Home is where we find things to give to help others in need.
Home is where we make new family,
and where we make new friends too!

When I think of all the people who don’t have a home,
it breaks my heart to pieces
And I think of how lucky I am.
Home is a place to have people around who love you and care about you.
Home is a place where you get ready for a special or new day!
Home is where you let your feelings out.
Home is a place to know that you are safe.

Home is a place where you have friends that care about you.
It’s where you lay in your bed for a good night’s sleep.
It’s where you smell the sweet air of a pastry cooking in the oven.
Home is where you feel cozy in a soft and silky blanket.
Home is where you learn new things.
It’s where you make mistakes too.
Home is where you come up with new ideas!
It’s where you feel happy, sad and mad, it’s where you let all your feelings out.
Home is where you can let your stressful feelings out and bring in new and happy feelings!