Grade 5


A place to call your own

A place to call your home

It doesn’t matter what size your home is, it’s how you share it. A home is a place where you share your feelings and memories with your family.

To begin, my home is my family playing with my pet Jack at the same and gets really crowded and doesn’t give him enough space but loves the attention. My home is my mom making the same dinner all the time but we enjoy it. My home is my dad snoring incredibly loudly and doesn’t give anyone sleep and tired at the morning. My home is my sister always playing the piano and flute which distracts people trying to concentrate but she keeps us entertained. My home gives me sun on a rainy day and this is why my home is special and unique!

Now, imagine that your home burned down. Imagine that a huge fire broke your home apart. What would you cry about? The memories, love and happiness you had and shared or the furniture, money and toys? The objects in your house doesn’t make it better. It’s the feelings and emotion you shared that counts.

To conclude, many people dream of their dream house. The furniture and the paintings but think of your home with the amount of love and memories that you share! A lot of children have no home. And everyone needs a place to call their own