Grade 4


A Place To Call Home

We say the word “home” almost every day, but do we ever really think of what it means to us? Today I will be talking about: a home vs. a house, “Hygge” (the Danish way of relaxing), and why everyone deserves a home. Understanding these three points will help make this world a better place.

A home is a place where you can relax, make memories, and express yourself. In my home, some things we do for fun are baking, playing games, celebrating special occasions, and much more. As for a house, it’s more like just walls and a roof, a building with nothing really special in it. To me, a house is just a structure, but a home is much more.

“Hygge” is a key element for changing a house to a home. Hygge is a Danish way of relaxing or being friendly to others. It’s that feeling of being cozy or happy. Whether it’s drinking hot cocoa on the couch or tipping your hat to a stranger, whatever gives you that warm feeling is a great way to Hygge. Hygge can include: a nature-filled space, a fire in the fireplace, and natural dimmed lighting. Hygge can be hard to describe, but I think Habitat for Humanity might be onto something.

No matter who you are, what you do, or where you live, you and everyone else in the world deserves a place to call home. There is nothing you can do that will make you not deserve a home. We all need a home because, it’s a human right, it provides shelter, it gives happiness, and many more reasons.

In conclusion, it’s important to think of what a home means to you and to a person that needs one. A home to me, is not just a place, but also a feeling and a right.