Grade 6


A Place to Call Home

Home is a special place,
Smell your mother’s apple pie
Hear your dad pulling into the driveway,
It’s a place of love and comfort combined.

Big or small,
A home is a home,
a home is what you make it to be.
Paint it, refurbish it,
Cover it up,
Show it to the world.

A home is where you feel loved,
You feel protected,
You let your feelings out.
You know it’s going to be okay.

Home is a special place,
Feel the warmth of a hug,
See the simple beauty of the backyard garden.
You know it like the back of your hand.

We take it for granted,
We don’t think about those
Who don’t have what we have,
Who don’t have a place to call home.

I am very lucky
To have what they don’t
And to feel the love they don’t.

And maybe,
Just maybe,
This poem will help those people
To find refuge,
To find safety,
To find a place to call HOME.