Grade 6


A Place to Call Home

Home is where I can wake up with the sun shining on my face, like it’s greeting me a new day. As I wake up, I can always keep a smile on my face because the first thing I see is the mural on my wall that greets me day every day. It is a half day half night mural and is very colorful. This mural is very special to me because my dad painted this for me when I was very little. It always reminds me of when my dad painted it. As I look at it, it makes me feel very relaxed. This mural makes feel very home welcoming. Even when I am mad sad. After I wake up my mom makes me a Quesadilla. Quesadillas are my favorite especially when my mom makes them. Quesadillas is a Mexican dish and can have beans, vegetables, and spices with cheese in it grilled. After I finish eating, I go to read one of my favorite books. Wonder. Wonder is about a boy that has had 24 surgeries and has been home schooled and then moves to a different school and makes new friends. After I go to the basement to listen to some records with my dad and my sister and some movies. My dad likes to watch the twilight zone a lot like non- stop. I really like to watch movies and records with my dad. It starts to get dark, I go upstairs to brush my teeth and floss. I go to my bedroom and tuck myself in my mom kisses me Good night. I look at my mural before my mom shuts the lights off. I can hear the mural saying good night to me. Before I fall asleep, I whisper… Good night moon.