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Prince George
British Columbia

A place to call home

Home is where you are supposed to feel like your in a safe place. A home is a shelter from the scary outside world. Here are things that a home has these things. You have somewhere to stay. You can feel safe. You have shelter/ a roof over your head. When I think about about what I have I think everybody should be able to have what we have. For a few examples we have water and most homeless people don’t have any water.we have food and most homeless people don’t have any food. We have clean dishes and a lot of homeless people don’t.

I think the following is what they would feel. They would be safe in their own home with locks on the doors.They would feel protected with no one to harm them. They would feel happy in their own home doing their own things. They would feel clean because they would own a shower and a bath and also a sink.

The following is why everyone should have a home.they should not have to go place to place, town to town. They should be able to feel safe and happy in one place with shelter and to feel safe to sleep.

A home is a warm place to stay
A home is a safe place to stay
So my summarization, that every homeless person should be able to have what we have.
Thank you for reading.