Grade 6


A Place to Call Home

A home to me is a place that gives me shelter and I feel warm, cozy. I would have people and animals I love. I am usually not bored because I always have something to do.

My home feels warm because if it’s a cold night I can cuddle up in my blankets and let the cold melt away.

My home gives me shelter because if it’s a stormy night I can go inside my house and watch a movie with my dog.

My home feels safe to me because I have two dogs and if someone wired is outside my home my doge will bark loud and if I am asleep it will wake me up. If I ever get scared, I can cuddle up with one or both of my dogs and feel safe.

In my home I would not get bored easily because I almost always have something to do. I would be able to play with my animals or play online, I could watch a tv show or play a board games with my family. So, I have lots of things to do if I ever get bored.
At my home I don’t feel lonely because I have my family, friends and pets. If I want to play with my friends, I can send them an invite to a game. If I want to play with my family, I can ask them if they want to play a family game. If I want to play with my pets, then I can go in the back yard with them and play fetch.
This is what my home is to me.