Grade 4

British Columbia

A Place to be Yourself

To some people a “home” doesn’t mean much, but they need to dig deeper. A home is a magical wondrous place. Where memories are stored and problems are kindly solved.
Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t have a home. To people like me, it’s very upsetting and unfair. So to anyone who reads this essay, I want them to realize what a home really means, and how important and brilliant it is to have a nice cosy, comfy and comfortable house.
The reason a home is so important is because we need somewhere to cook, sleep and entertain also. It is important to volunteer and help people that don’t have a so-called home!
I have a home! It’s great, magnificent, SAFE, kind and the most perfect place. In a home you have family, love, caring, happiness, friends and most of all, spending time together with each other. In a home you can cry, you can be angry, sad, happy and you can just express your feelings. Overall, everybody deserves a home, where you can BE YOURSELF and FEEL SAFE.