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New Brunswick

A Place That’s Important to Me

If birds live in nest and birdhouse.

Frogs live in mud.

Where do I live when it’s cold and dark?

I live in a house which some may have.

But what make’s my home special is it’s filled with love.

A house to many people is…

A place where you eat food.

A place where you sleep.

Have people buy you stuff.

To not pay bills.

And to get whatever you want.

Now not all people are like that, but most are.

A home to me is…

A place full of memories.

A place where I can cuddle up with my dogs and read a book.

A place where I can doze to sleep.

A place where I can hear Peppa pig on the TV.

A place where I can feel sadness and sorrow, but there is always someone to pick me up.

A place where I can smell my mother’s cooking.

A place where I’m free and can have fun.

When I see a maple tree I think of home.

The taste of snow is cold and all but I’m glad I have a warm home.

People may say that a house is not much.

But to me it’s a very special place.

A home doesn’t need toys or fancy items.

All a home need’s is love

For you to be loved and for someone else to feel loved.

Love and home is my warmth from the cold.

Everyone needs a home so they can feel loved.