Grade 5


A Place That I Call Home

Home is a place of love and devotion.
Home is where you are needed.
Home will always feel secure.
Where you feel appreciated.

Home welcomes elderly or youthful.
Home welcomes the poor or the rich.
Home accepts any religion.
Home is not based on your race.

Home makes my family complete.
Home is where I hug and kiss.
Home contains amusement and sadness.
Home most importantly contains love.

Home is purposeful.
A home that is meaningful.
Home is a setting that is enthusiastic.
Home is a environment that is peaceful.

Home holds special elements.
Home will stay inside you heart.
Home will never leave you.
Home is what you call yours.

At home we misstep.
Home is where we flourish.
Home is where memories are built.
Home is where we condone.

It should be a human right.
Because a home is relevant
Everyone should have a home.
All people need a dwelling.