Grade 6


A Place of Happiness

When I wake up in the morning, I look out my window and I hear the birds singing with each other. The sun is going to rise, the sky is so peaceful, I smell the air and close my eyes to say, “Thank you for this morning.” If I didn’t do these kinds of things, I wouldn’t feel at home.

When I go down the hall and walk down the stairs, I see my mom making breakfast, and my dad and siblings sitting around the table waiting for their food to arrive. We always have laughter in the dining room. If I didn’t see this, I wouldn’t feel at home.

A home is not just a roof above your head. A home is a friend to you, where you have fun, where you can feel happy, and feel comfortable. A home is a place to be loved and cherished.

A home is a place where you get protected by the snow, rain, wind, and hotness. It’s like a friend helping you, your home is like a shield that is there ] to protect you even when it gets hurt by harmful things from the outside.

Home is a place where you live and stay forever and make it as your family. You live in a house, in a room, or an apartment, you live in your house when you’re young or old your home will be friends no matter what.

Seeing my family with joy and laughter makes our house happy because it’s happy because it likes to see people gathered together and have some joy, love, happiness, and laughter in our hearts.