Grade 6


A Place Like No Other

If one searches for the definition of ‘home’,
they would be answered with “a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.”
Anyone who has experienced the joy of living in a home would know that such a term goes much further beyond than that dull, concrete description.

A home is not just an abode to live in,
in fact, that is just the definition of a house.
Home is a place where one not only feels at ease,
but a place where one looks forward to living in everyday.
A home could range from a multi-thousand square-foot mansion,
to a shack on the side of a dark, unsafe alley.
A home is not built from bricks or wood,
but with the bond of a family.

Family is what changes the title of a ‘house,’ to a ‘home.’
Home means that no matter what one is going through, there will always be family there to support them through their ups and downs.
Memories and family is what home means,
Childhood, friends, even tears make a home
A person could have every material possession in the world,
any riches he desires,
but all of that is worth nothing if he has no one to share it with.
Home is related to sharing one’s feelings, whether it be happiness, grief, or excitement.

For those who don’t have a home must have patience,
Until the day comes,
When their prayers will be answered.

There truly is no place like home.