Grade 5


A Place Like Home

This writing piece is about what home feels like to me.

Home is not a certain place. Home feels like where I belong. Home is anywhere that makes me feel loved and comforted. I have many places I call home. Sometimes, my homes don’t have roofs. Home can be my home country, Sri Lanka, or my garden, because both places
are so beautiful and make me feel secure. Even people who don’t have houses have homes in their hearts.

It’s heartbreaking to me to know that some people are less fortunate than we are. During stormy times and dark times, my home helps me survive. I learn new things everyday. Like how to behave and respecting everything and everyone.

My home makes me feel so warm in the winter, with my family protecting me and showing lots of love and care. In the summer time I sometimes travel away from my family. I feel colder, as for I get farther away from my closest family. But this summer, I felt warm again, because I got to go to Sri Lanka and see my cousins. Warm and cold isn’t what I feel on the outside for me. It is how I feel in the inside.

My family customs and cultures make home feel better. Like going to the temple on religious dates. I like going to the temple to get blessings, and two days before school so I can work very hard and learn lots. Eating milk rice is a way we celebrate on New Years and birthdays. It makes me feel very safe.

Adventures and memories make home feel even more like home. When you first move in to an unfamiliar home, and you think you will not like it. But you actually love it, because of the people and all the time you spend there, and it ends up being your best forever home. That was a big adventure for me, since I moved in to a new community and neighborhood. I love my current home, but I really miss my old home, because I had so many memories there.

Seeing all my neighbor’s faces everyday make me feel good, and I end up gleaming. Although I don’t have any pets, one day I would like to have a pet. So when I come back from a long day of school, I will have a furry friend to accompany me.

A home is also a place where sad memories are formed. Like if a loved one passes away. It’s not very fun to experience sad moments. Especially if it happens right in front of you.

That’s what home means to me.