Grade 6

Port Carling

A Place Like Home

We often find ourselves taking our home for granted. We might be upset over the little things but, we should remind ourselves what our home means to us. Is it the roof over our head that we love? Or maybe the walls that surround us? While we appreciate both these things, it’s not just the exterior that’s so comforting, it’s the people that fill the house.

We might have a special place we go to, like a park or even our backyard, but there is no place like home. But, not everyone has the luxury of a house. Some might call their house some place on the streets, or on the cold, hard ground. Our home could be anywhere, any shape, any size, it won’t matter. It’s the heart of a home that matters, a place where memories are made and kept.

It’s the warm and fuzzy feeling when you know you belong in that place, with no judgement, and no fear. Just you and your loved ones, all in harmony. Sure, there might be fights or even little arguments, but it can go away. And even if it doesn’t go away, you will have someone to turn to, may it be a friend or family, or maybe somewhere that still makes you feel loved. Maybe, some place like a home.