Grade 6


A Place Known as Home

A place known as home
My home means to me as a place where I can stay, and be myself with my wonderful family. Where I don’t have to act in good behavior for people standing in front of me whom I don’t know very nicely. At home, I can do a silly dance or walk in a funny way and not say to myself what other people will think about it, because at home those other people are none other than my family. At home, I can have fun with my family and relax with them, while watching a movie or just while reading a book with them. while being at home I can cook with my family and learn new recipes. I can stay in the shields of my home from different types of weather conditions, like when it is snowing very hard and there is a harsh wind with it, in such weather I can stay at home and snuggle up into my blanket near the fireplace. Or when it is raining outside and I have nothing to cover myself up from the rain the first place that comes to mind to get is my house and to have a snack while listening to calm peaceful music.

There is no other better place in the world, than being in the comfort of our own homes. My home is situated in Windermere. I live in a two-bedroom apartment with my family. My grandparents don’t live with us. We just have a two-bedroom apartment, with a wonderful balcony and a good kitchen. Where my mom or dad cooks. The balconies are not very large but they face the main road. We sometimes just go out on them and have nice warm tea or lemonade.

We all have a dream of living in a beautiful home, where it is cozy and warm in winters but cool and chill in summers. Where we can create new and share old beautiful memories. Those beautiful memories of us baking with our parents in the kitchen and some bad memories of us burning our fingers by accident from the hot stove. We all have different memories and we create them in our home. It is a place