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Prince Edward Island

A Place I Call Home

You might be wondering, what does home mean to me. Home means walking into my home and hearing my cat meow, and giving my mom a huge hug!

In my house I have a lot of love. There is a lot of warmth and extra comfort! When I look around I see lots of memories!

My house is very old! There’s tons of wood, I smell cinnamon, vanilla, and peppermint! That smell makes me feel secure, I have lots of freedom! And relief too!

My home is small which is very cozy and fresh! There is a lot of joy! I feel connected because my surroundings and family make me feel loved, and happy!

My home is very open and friendly! I feel proud to have a healthy home! It gets very bright when I see my loved ones!

My family built my house. My Nanny was born and grew up in this house. Then my Nanny met her Husband and they built another floor onto the house! My mom was born and grew up in the house! A few years later I was born! As you see lots of generations have grown in my home.

My Home is a place where memories are formed!