Grade 6


A Place I Call Home

Home, home is the place where I long to be. A place with originality in every corner and crevice.

Enter my household and all you could feel is warmth and comfort surrounding you in every possible way.

Your nostrils could basically explode with the happiness and the aroma of my mothers delicious homemade food, and the soft familiar touch of my bed slowly lulling me to sleep every single night with absolutely no struggles. In the day, everything was very lively, you could hear my family laughing, cherishing all of our time together and creating very memorable moments with each other at the dinner table with my moms homemade lasagna, filling everybody’s noses with delight.

I am grateful for the beloved place, I call home, and will always think of the people out there, shivering in the cold, with no place to call home, with no privacy anywhere they go. I am thankful for everything I have in my life.