Grade 6


A Place Called Home

First thing this essay is not mainly my home but, it’s about other people’s homes. The first segment is my home but, the rest is other people’s. The main topics are: my home, outlook, and what’s it like to be homeless. So here they are.
My home is, a place of peace and warmth. My home is where your friends and family come to meet you. My home is where your emotions can fully express themselves. My home is where you have parties and celebrations. Home is where my dog greets me after school. Home is waking up on a tall hill to see downtown Waterloo. Home is relaxing in my hottub after the day is done.
My home is great but. Not all people have a good home like mine because. They don’t feel loved! They leave because it’s scary to live in their homes but. I think your home doesn’t have to be a location, it’s where you feel the best about yourself in life.
People’s homes should all have warm heating and electricity, along with a sizeable space but they don’t. People can’t afford a house and live on the streets! Guess how many homeless people freeze to death in America after a year because they have no home, around 2000 deaths! Last thing, being homeless is so popular now that there’s a name for it, and that fact should never had to exist.
Finally I’d love it if I win this, so that was my essay please consider this, I’m happy to take place in this, thanks, now my topics which were: my home looks like, what I think about this topic, and what all people’s homes should look like, once again, thank you.