Grade 6


A Place Called “Home”

Home is a place of respect and kindness
It’s a place where memories are born and joy resides.

The people of this world call a certain place home,
Even though it may not even be a house.
Your school, class, workplace, anywhere could be your home

Home is an important place that people cherish.
It’s a place where no matter your gender, age, disability or skin tone,
You are important.

It’s where even if you fail,
Even if you have different talents and opinions,
You have support from others.

At home, you are cherished and loved.

Home is a wonderful place,
But it isn’t complete without family.

But even if you don’t have a family, you still have friends.
Friends can be your family too, even though you’re not related by blood.

Family and Friends are one of the keys to home.
They are the ones who support you, cherish you and make you important.

Anywhere you go, that could be home.
Cherish where you are,
That is your home.