Grade 6


A Place Called Home

Melissa Nguyen

A Place I Call Home

If your house was on fire, would you rescue a necklace you got from your neighbor? Or would you rescue your pet animal that helped you get through all your rough times?

The definition of home:
A picture of your family on the shelf above the fireplace. Where you wake up to a breakfast meal your mother made. When you hear the mailman knock at your door. But most importantly, a place full of love and happiness

The difference between a home and a house:
It’s not the size or the money. It’s not the looks nor the furniture. But it’s how much love and joy you put in it. A home is one of the safest places on the planet.

Home. That one four letter word means something. Even if it’s the smallest or biggest home in the world, the kindness and joy makes it the largest.

My home is where I keep all my secrets hidden. It’s where I release the pain and sadness. It’s also where we pull each other through rough times. It’s where the warmth makes me feel better. Home is where I feel like me. And that’s my opinion of the word “home”