Grade 6

Cambridge, ON

A Place Called Home

A home is where you want to be, a place you feel inspired, a place called home will always be a place where you’re desired.

A place where you are wanted, a place that you are loved, a place where you Find happiness, The place where you are Of.

A place where you Are cared about, A place you’re never scared, HOME is a place in which you used to pout, a place that’s always there.

A place where you have family, A Dad, A Mom, A Brother, A place where you have bed sheets, And over that your covers.

A place that’s like a sanctuary, a place that is secure, a place that You grew up in, a place that can Endure.

A place where it is peaceful, a place where it is safe, A place where you have family, a place that is engraved.

A place that you have furry friends, a place that really never ends, in your heart and mind forever, A place That you can never sever, the bonds in your memories, no matter what Endeavor.