Grade 4


A Perfect Home For Everyone

A home is many things,
A home is our happy place,
A home is a stampede of Elephants,
A home is a restaurant in disguise.

A home can be a Military base,
A home can be a Pirate takeover,
A home can be a hangout,
A home can be anything YOU want it to be.

A home is an arena with family and friends,
A home is the birth spot of memories,
A home is time spent with your family.
A home is a gaming area.

A home is a place to call your own,
A home is warm in the Winter and cold in the Summer,
A home is a place to be safe from rain and snow,
A home is a place that everyone deserves.

A home can be perfect,
A home can be imperfect,
A home is still yours,
And hopefully your home is perfect in every way.